Extra Oomph – Sylvan Lake, MI

You might stop in for a piece of furniture but you’ll probably leave with a purse or a great piece of jewelry. That’s what my friend said about Extra Oomph in Sylvan Lake and it was only after I interviewed Janet, the owner, that my friend admitted that was exactly what she did… and then…

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Three Blocks North

Let’s Get Real For a Quick Second…

For a few months, I really thought that I could do it all. But between the (2) weddings I was in, some health stuff, and just life in general, I quickly realized I couldn’t. If I’m being absolutely, positively honest with you, I’ll say that this blog fell off of my list of top priorities.…

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Recap: The Drinks

When I’m not out interviewing business owners, you can usually find me saddled up to the bar at a brewery or restaurant. I absolutely love trying new drinks, new eats, and new places. Of course, you can follow my journey on the Three Blocks North Instagram but if you don’t have Instagram, here’s a quick recap…

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Detroit Taco Company – Royal Oak, MI

“So, why tacos?” “Who doesn’t love tacos?” — From the moment we started chatting, happiness and positivity radiated off of him, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. Inside his restaurant, there was a sign that shared the “recipe of happiness,” and next to the cash register, there was a bin of free toys for kids to…

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The Gallery Brewing

The Gallery Brewery – Portland, MI

I’m quickly finding out that business owners start their business because of a passion — it’s not because of a “lifelong dream” or because “the economy was right.” — As self-proclaimed beer enthusiasts, the man and I usually set aside some time on the weekends to visit new breweries, and this past weekend was no different.…

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Alleycat Cafe

Alleycat Cafe – Pontiac, MI

As a (kind of) young and (mostly) professional human with a knack for storytelling, I have a bad habit of expecting things to go my way. But, I’ll be honest… this was not the experience I expected. I expected to sit down at a quiet table, run through my list of slightly wearisome questions, and…

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An Introduction

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kate. Or if you’re bad with names, you may recognize me as the girl who is speaking louder than anyone else in the room while rocking a nose ring and giant curly hair. More than that, I’m a lover of hot pink, glitter, cats and the…

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